Wilbur Event Calendar

Guest Chef Weekend with Bodhi Cole
Jan 24-26, 2020
Come take the healing waters and enjoy inspired meals prepared with local organic foods (including vegetarian options).  The price for all meals is $195 per person or $225 per person during holiday periods, and is in addition to the cost for your accommodations for the duration of the guest chef weekend. Pricing is subject to change without prior notification.

Guest Chef Weekend includes the following delicious and healthy meals served Wilbur buffet style: Friday dinner; Saturday continental breakfast, brunch and dinner; and Sunday continental breakfast and brunch.

Treat yourself to a luxurious weekend of feasting and magical healing waters!

Classical Improvisational Piano by Cosme
January 24 – January 26
Cosme was trained in classical piano as a child, and decades later as an adult borrows from these concepts, fusing into them a musical brand his own, a type of “classical improvisation.”

Guided Meditation with Anyes
Feb 1 – 2
Join Anyes in a deep Guided Meditation to unveil the source of spontaneity, curiosity and a big yes to the unknown. Taking risks doesn’t need to mean extreme sports, and there are many creative ways we can spice the day with a little unknown. But only you know how…

Guided Meditation with Shundo
Feb 8 – 9
As you unplug and slow down at Wilbur, take another step towards stillness and being grounded in your body by joining a meditation session with Shundo. These meditation sessions are perfect for anyone who is curious about meditation, and also for those who already practice. At each session, there will be guidance in how to sit, and how to train your attention, time to sit in silence, and an opportunity to ask questions. They usually last around forty minutes.

Shundo is a zen priest who trained for fifteen years at San Francisco Zen Center, including five years of monastic life in the mountains at Tassajara. These days, he is interested in taking meditation out to people who might not ever set foot in a zen temple, and teaches in tech companies, the county jail, schools and colleges.

Guest Chef Weekend and Art Show with Lead Chef/Artist Marion Cascio & Chefs/Artists Rachel Fann and Ginny Ray
Feb 21 – 23

This is a special Guest Chef Weekend because not only will our chefs Marion Cascio, Rachel Fann, and Ginny Ray offer wonderful, nourishing, and delicious food, they will be presenting their creative Artwork.

Lead Chef Marion grew up in Germany in a house full of cooks and began her training in her parents’ restaurant. Once of age, she studied classical culinary arts in Germany, where she apprenticed in fine French cuisine for three years and cooked in several fine dining restaurants and a health clinic. In 1997 she moved to Big Sur, where she co-created a farm and homestead, raised goats, chickens, and bees and managed an extensive garden.

Call now to make your reservation (530) 473-2306

Seasonal Complimentary Yoga

Complimentary yoga classes are occasionally offered on weekdays from April through October. Typically Wilbur offers and morning and afternoon yoga class when a yoga teacher is in-house. The class schedule is set based on weather conditions. All levels welcome. For more information please sign up for our monthly newsletter (here) or inquire about the complimentary yoga schedule when making your reservations.

Exclusive Use and Small Group Events

Wilbur is available for some Exclusive Use events and small groups. Please call or email the front desk at (530) 473-2306 or info@wilburhotsprings.com and let us know details such as the nature of your event and how many people. Thank you!