Japanese Style Onsen

Wilbur onsen, located 2 hours north of San Francisco Bay Area, on the west coast of the United States, has healed the mind and body of those visiting for centuries for the centuries as one of the best miracle chemicals in the country. You can experience unparalleled fountain quality and efficacy from abundant ingredients far removed from the numerous hot spring resorts scattered in California at the moment you soaked.

Wilbur spa boasted bathtub · flumes (Flumes) is the only “source-sinking ceremony” in North America, kept at 37 degrees, 40 degrees and 43 degrees respectively, and you can enjoy dry sauna, mineral water pool and outdoor bath, respectively . The bath area is a mixed bathing of clothing optional, very relaxing and relaxing atmosphere. Because the hot spring is open 24 hours, guests staying in the vast natural environment can be relaxed at any time anytime you like. There is also a day trip option from 10 am to 5 pm. Both are fully booked. Please contact us in Japanese.

  • 塩素イオン
  • 炭酸イオン
  • 総硫化物
  • ケイ酸
  • リチウム
  • フッ素イオン
  • 銅イオン
  • ナトリウム
  • カリウム
  • ホウ素
  • マグネシウム
  • カルシウム
  • 鉄イオン
  • マンガン
Mineral Water Content Report, U.S. Geological Survey
All quantities are in ppm (parts per million)


China N., San Francisco, CA, 5 Star Yelp Review,

「日本に5年間住んでいた頃温泉に行くことが大好きでした。たくさんの泉質の異なる温泉に行ったことがありますが、世界中の温泉の中でもウィルバー温泉が 最高だと思います。温泉の効能は何週間にもわたって心身に感じられます。泉質はとてもユニーク。言葉で説明できません。一生リピーターです!」

Hugo L.,