In all the world
no waters like these

Wilbur Hot Springs is a refuge from the fast pace and noise of the modern world. This land and its healing waters offer a unique opportunity to slow down, quiet the mind, and listen deeply. Here, you can let go, sink into yourself, and reconnect with what matters most.

Wilbur is an off-grid, solar-powered destination resort with naturally occurring hot mineral springs in the heart of an 1800-acre nature preserve located in Northern California. Our baths and flumes are clothing optional. See more in our FAQ.

Wilbur is a sanctuary where all are welcome. People of color, women, LGBTQ, foreign born and US citizens, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, whatever your belief system, you are welcome here.

Wilbur makes no distinction to the human family. Health is a human right and your rights are protected at Wilbur Hot Springs. We’re not feeding fear at Wilbur. We’re offering Sanctuary.

True Sanctuary for safety, health and healing…..

Request Availability

Please call (530) 473-2306 or email us at info@wilburhotsprings.com to submit an availability request. (We accommodate all guests 13 years and older).

Please be sure you have received a confirmation # via email prior to arriving here. Without your confirmation, you do not have a reservation. It is also important to visit our Plan Your Visit and FAQs pages before arriving.

Art at Wilbur

Enjoy a collection of Wilbur Art by Tricia George

World Bathing Day


Wilbur Hot Springs is supporting the petition to the UN to declare JUNE 22 – World Bathing Day – we encourage everyone to partake by signing at http://www.bathetheworld.org

If you are planning to be in the Fresno area, please visit our dear friends at Mercey Hot Springs

Latest Blog Postings

20% Off! Come for a Soak!

March 18, 2018
This is a perfect week to come for a soak in the geothermal waters at Wilbur Hot Springs. We offer a 20% discount for overnight stays from Monday – Thursday. See you in the waters!

Upcoming Availability

March 6, 2018
Wilbur is fully booked for upcoming weekend (March 9-11) and only one cabin is left for our March Guest Chef Weekend (March 23-25) Wilbur camping season starts Friday March 30

Soak Away Your Winter Blues

March 2, 2018
This is a perfect time to immerse yourself in the healing hot springs of Wilbur. Let the mineral rich geothermal waters surround you and soak away your winter blues. The waters boast unique antibacterial properties, great for respiratory and skin health. Come and soak away your winter blues! (Photo by  Trinette Reed)

Great Weekend for a Soak!

February 28, 2018
We still have a few beds left for this upcoming weekend. Come get some soaking in at Wilbur! Call us now if you would like to try and score a reservation!

Guest Chef Weekend Menu

February 17, 2018
Check out the menu for the upcoming Guest Chef Weekend!  

Take a Hike at Wilbur

February 16, 2018
This is a nice time to take a hike at Wilbur. It’s been sunny and in the upper 60’s to mid 70’s at Wilbur Hot Springs…perfect weather for a day hike. Wilbur’s Nature Preserve is open to guests from 10am until 5pm in the evening. Come and enjoy the Manzanita in full bloom, walk the Aquarian Labyrinth, write a wish and hang it on the Wishing Tree – and you might catch a glimpse of the wild pony herd grazing peacefully in the meadows. All within 20 minutes of the healing waters of Wilbur. Come take a hike at Wilbur!

Space available for our Guest Chef Weekend on February 23-25

February 14, 2018
Wilbur is fully booked this weekend including Sunday for both overnight stays and day use. We do, however, have a few rooms available for our Guest Chef Weekend on February 23-25 so come and join us for a feast, a soak, a hike, walk the labyrinth…. and soak!

ILAN NAVAH Live Performances This Weekend

February 8, 2018
Please join us this weekend at Wilbur and enjoy the beautiful tunes of Ilan Navah live in the Wilbur Community Room! Thursday: 7pm – 9:30pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday: 3pm and 8pm Ilan is a singer-songwriter-guitarist who sings original songs and sacred chants in various languages from cultures around the world. His deep soothing voice delivers spiritually empowering lyrics weaved through textures of African, Native-American and Middle-Eastern tones, while his love for all genres of music shines through his unique sound and performance We still have some rooms available for this weekend, come and enjoy music, sun and RxN (prescription grade nature) Sorry we are fully booked for day use until Monday February 12  

It feels like spring! Come for a visit!

January 31, 2018
It a glorious time for a visit to Wilbur – we have a few rooms left for the upcoming weekend! Come soak, walk the Aquarian Labyrinth and experience RxN (prescription grade nature)

2018 – The ​Year of the Dog

January 28, 2018
February 16, 2018 starts the Year of the Dog. The Chinese zodiac moves in a 12-year cycle, and those born in 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, and 2018 are known as Dogs. 2018 is also identified as the Year of the Earth Dog​ – 1958​ was the last time we had a Year of The Earth Dog​. The Dog is the 11th sign of the Chinese zodiac. Persons born in the year of the dog are ​characterized as ​communicative, serious, responsible and intelligent. An Earth Dog has an additional knack for efficiency, dedication and justice. Gong Xi Fa Cai!!