In all the world
no waters like these

Wilbur Hot Springs is a refuge from the fast pace and noise of the modern world. This land and its healing waters offer a unique opportunity to slow down, quiet the mind, and listen deeply. Here, you can let go, sink into yourself, and reconnect with what matters most.

Wilbur is an off-grid, solar-powered destination resort with naturally occurring hot mineral springs in the heart of an 1800-acre nature preserve located in Northern California. Our baths and flumes are clothing optional. See more in our FAQ.

Wilbur is a sanctuary where all are welcome. People of color, women, LGBTQ, foreign born and US citizens, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, whatever your belief system, you are welcome here.

Wilbur makes no distinction to the human family. Health is a human right and your rights are protected at Wilbur Hot Springs. We’re not feeding fear at Wilbur. We’re offering Sanctuary.

True Sanctuary for safety, health and healing…..

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Latest Blog Postings

Camping Season is Open Again: New Rates

April 16, 2019
We thought it was pretty cool for the guest in campsite #1 to wake up to such a beautiful sight. We are once again open for camping and we have rolled back the camping rates to $75 per person.  Campers enjoy full use of Wilbur’s facilities, including the hotel kitchen for a luxury glamping experience!

The Ponies are Well!

April 12, 2019
The rescued Robinson Creek wild ponies are thriving in the Wilbur Hot Springs​ Nature Preserve​. We visited them today and they are thoroughly enjoying all the sweet, green spring vegetation!

Wildflower Heaven!

April 4, 2019
The California poppies are starting to bloom! Visit Wilbur and soak in the spring bloom.

Time to relax

March 19, 2019
Escape the urban grind and take a few moments to absorb some stillness…

The Beauty of Wilbur in the Spring

March 13, 2019
Today we’re thankful for blue skies! Join us!

Don’t Miss the Upcoming Guest Chef Weekend

March 6, 2019
We only  have a few spots left for our upcoming Guest Chef Weekend! Book your reservation now!

Only a few spots left for Guest Chef Weekend

February 2, 2019
We only have a few spots left for the March Guest Chef Weekend on March 15-17 with Chef Bodhi. Find out more.

A New Year Tradition

January 5, 2019
If you have visited Wilbur, you are most likely aware of the Nature Preserve and the unique sites to enjoy. It is there you will find our Wishing Tree where hopes, desires, prayers, dreams and wishes are written on colorful tags and tied to its branches. As is the custom on New Year’s Eve, the wishes are released and transformed with a bonfire. This year, because of high winds and low precipitation the Millers built a small camp fire at Sarana and Aaron’s Yurt instead of the large bonfire. With much love, each tag was carefully removed from the Wishing Tree by Dr. Richard Miller and his family: Jolee, Sarana, Aaron, Jules (Jolee’s son) and his brother Lauren. They sat together and read many of the notes (and there were thousands). They were a cross section of the wishes of our culture.  A high percentage of the wishes were wishes of good things for other people. Some wishes were to save a life or a marriage and some were to save humanity itself. Many were sentiments of wellness wished for all. Next time you are at Wilbur join in and place a wish on the Wilbur Wishing Tree.  And, if you feel extra creative walk further down the road to Wilbur’s Wind Chime Park and think about adding an assemblage wind chime.  The guest made wind chimes are there all year around. And, by the way, when you encounter the ponies in the Nature Preserve, say hello.  They are friendly and will eat apples and carrots from your hand.  

Guest Chef New Year’s Weekend

December 24, 2018
Guest Chef New Year’s Weekend is SOLD OUT but we’d love to have you at the table for our next Guest Chef Weekend February 23-25, 2019. Limited space available. Please call us at (530) 473-2306 to reserve your spot.

Wilbur’s sunset

December 8, 2018
The detox begins on the drive in!