Sanctuary. Stewardship. Spirit.


When you pass through the gate, you are entering a sanctuary—a refuge from the fast pace and noise of the modern world. This land and its healing waters offer a unique opportunity to slow down, quiet the mind, and listen deeply. There is little to distract you from the basic tasks of soaking, resting, preparing your meals, and exploring nature. Here, you can let go, sink into yourself, and reconnect with what matters most.


We all contribute to the stewardship of this unique place. On our end, we do our best to minimize our impact on the land & its waters. We rely on solar power for our energy, clean with non-toxic products, compost our kitchen scraps, recycle what we can, and plant native or non-invasive species. Our guests do their part to honor the sanctuary by removing shoes inside the hotel, showering prior to entering the flumes, cleaning up in the kitchen, and respecting quiet hours and silent areas so that all may enjoy Wilbur with ease.


Wilbur inspires personal reflection and connection to spirit. Here you might dream, make music or art, have a revelation, grieve a loss, or experience healing. It’s the perfect place to write down your thoughts, have a life-altering conversation, or simply be. It is our hope that you find what you seek here, whether it be renewal, healing, connection, or inspiration. May you experience the many gifts Wilbur has to offer.