Guest Chef Weekends

Come take the healing waters and enjoy inspired meals prepared with local organic foods (including vegetarian options).  The price for all meals is $195 per person or $225 per person during holiday periods, and is in addition to the cost for your accommodations for the duration of the guest chef weekend. Pricing is subject to change without prior notification.

Guest Chef Weekend includes the following delicious and healthy meals served Wilbur buffet style: Friday dinner; Saturday continental breakfast, brunch and dinner; and Sunday continental breakfast and brunch.

Treat yourself to a luxurious weekend of feasting and magical healing waters!

2020 Dates

September 25-27 with Marion Cascio
October 23-25 with Jesse Blume
November 25-27 with Marion Cascio
December 30 – January 1 with Marion Cascio


Friday Dinner:
Fresh Cod Fillet with Meyer Lemon Confit
Herbed Quinoa Pilaf
Asparagus and Roasted Beets
Local Organic Green Salad with Tahini Dressing
Dinner Bread Chocolate Dipped Rosemary Shortbread

Saturday Brunch:
Asparagus, Leek and Potato Frittata
Homemade Granola and Organic Yogurt
Selection of Breads
Fruit Platter
Fair Trade Coffee and Organic Tea
Wilbur’s Homemade Chai
Orange Juice

Saturday Dinner:
Rosemary Braised Lamb Shanks
Creamy Polenta and Sweet Potato Fries
Local Organic Chard Kale Salad w/Broccoli
Crusty Baguettes

Sunday Brunch:
Huevos Rancheros with Red or Green Sauce (Ancho or Tomatillo)
Organic Chicken/Veggie Enchiladas
Slow Simmered Black Bean w/Yams, Roasted Garlic and Onions Guacamole & Chips
Cole Slaw
Fresh Organic Green Salad
Hibiscus Lemonade
Fair Trade Coffee and Organic Tea
Wilbur’s Homemade Chai

Chef Marion Cascio

Marion grew up in Germany in a house full of cooks and began her training in her parents’ restaurant. Once of age, she studied classical culinary arts in Germany, where she apprenticed in fine French cuisine for three years and cooked in several fine dining restaurants and a health clinic. In 1997 she moved to Big Sur, where she co-created a farm and homestead, raised goats, chickens, and bees and managed an extensive garden. The vegetables, herbs, olive and fruit trees which she grew all became part of her cooking. While living in Big Sur, Marion worked at the Esalen Institute where she cooked and baked healthy and delicious meals for the guests fresh from the Esalen gardens. Marion’s legacy working at Esalen lives on in the Esalen Cookbook she helped create. Now based in Ashland, Oregon she runs her own catering company, Heartfull Catering, and travels extensively to cook at different destinations. She sources most of her ingredients from local organic farms.

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Chef Liam McDermott

Chef Liam is passionate about whole foods and creates delicious Farm to Table cuisine knowing that sustainable food systems nourish our bodies, hearts and ecosystems. Liam began his culinary journey managing a kitchen for a 50 person coop at Stanford University while earning a BA in Literature. Upon graduation, he enrolled in California Culinary Academy and graduated with an A.O.S degree with honors in 2002. He has worked as both chef and baker for years at Esalen Institute and with his own catering company. Inspired by working nationally and internationally with many sustainable farms, Liam has recently earned his Master’s degree from Gaia University in Integrative EcoSocial Design with a specialization in Applied Permaculture. Liam has created an abundant food forest on his homestead in Mexico, focusing on food and medicinal crops including cacao, cinnamon, coffee, allspice, passionfruit, mango, guava, banana, tamarind, tulsi basil, frankincense, myrrh and so much more.  He works with local farms wherever he goes. Liam lives and works as a healer, chef, and permaculture designer from northern California near Shasta all the way down to his homestead at the tip of Baja California Sur in Mexico.

Jesse Bloom

Blending 20 years of kitchen experience, a gift for facilitating connection, and a passion for transformation, Jesse creates delicious experiences though his company, Sacred Kitchen. His food celebrates global flavors highlighting plant based and bio-diverse dishes that celebrate a sustainable future. Jesse cares deeply about social justice and he is passionate about creating a felt sense of welcome for all people at his events and in his community. Jesse loves to dance and hang with his son, middle schooler, Elijah. You can learn more about what he’s up to at

BodhiChef Bodhi Cole

Bodhi Cole believes that eating well is one of the best things we can do for ourselves and our planet. She is totally committed to using all organic ingredients, and sourcing from the abundance of local farms here in Northern California. Bodhi has been cooking for over 20 years, and loves cooking delicious and nourishing food for the body and spirit.

This weekend, they brought in a guest chef, Marion Cascio. My gods her food was glorious!

Sarah O., Sonoma, CA, Yelp Review,

…absolutely delicious and abundant!

David N., Oakland, CA , 5 Star Yelp Review,