Art at Wilbur

Acrylic on Birch Panel 24” x 48”

A flash of golden light jets left and then right,
Darting to and fro,
I look out,
Patiently for you to catch your breath.

You land and rest for but a moment,
Continuing to scan the land around you,
Not missing a step.

Looking in all directions you search,
With a tenacity and a knowingness,
Of which I dutifully observe.

For this moment I am truly blessed,
Sharing this instant with you.

Price $3,250

Shipping available for an additional cost

The Invitation
Original Baltic Birch Panel 26” x 60”

The bridge became a gate,
An invitation by the Creator
To attend the greatest ballet ever imagined.

They flew around us,
Between us,
Cascading through the sky

Like leaves falling to the earth.

Each moving to their own rhythm,
Yet moving in unison
To the music orchestrated by the breeze.

Price $3750

Shipping available for an additional cost

About the Artist

Tricia George’s broad ranges of her pieces are reflective of the wildlife she experiences when she is out in nature, traveling, hiking and exploring. She conveys her spiritual connection with each animal by immersing with the animal’s essence in a balanced and peaceful manner. The backgrounds of the paintings are quite the opposite from her subject matter. They are very layered and textural with various mediums on wood panels creating a distinctive contrast to her subject.  The dichotomy of urban meets nature is reconciled beautifully in each of her paintings, as this is in fact the landscape of our times.

Tricia has been painting professionally for over 27 years as a decorative artist and fine artist.  She holds a degree in Fine Art and Education from Dowling College in New York, her native town.  Her murals and decorative painting can be seen throughout the Bay Area, such as the Academy of Sciences in San Francisco and the widely known Dosa Restaurant on Fillmore and Post. Most of her work has been done in private residencies on the East and West Coast.

Her Art Studio/Gallery is located in San Rafael, CA. She exhibits her work at Wilbur Hot Springs, which has become the inspiration to many of her paintings.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the art – please contact us at or call us at 530-473-2306

Resonance Wilbur Bell
Acrylic on Birch Panel 36” x 36”

I know the sound ever so deep and grounding;
It signals a time.

A time to give thanks for the healing received from this place,

For the space, for the waters, for the cleansing of my spirit
The chance to sink deeper into grace.

Each visit becomes more special than the next, knowing that this will not be the last time to take rest in this home.

Price $2750

Shipping available for an additional cost

I’ll Fly Away
Acrylic on Birch Panel 30” x 42”

Many times on my drive to Wilbur,
I am blessed with the vision of a Kestrel.

Usually flying or resting alone,
Her independence is shown in alignment with her keen focus.

She reminds me to be patient and to live in grace.
To look closely and clearly,
She hovers above waiting for the perfect moment,
To seize her rewards.

Though delicate and gracious her precision is astounding.
Paying attention to the slightest details,
Focusing only on that particular moment in time.
Fulfilled, she flies high in search for her next vision.

Price $2650

Shipping available for an additional cost

I Pay Homage…
Acrylic on Birch Panel 24” x 36”

How many eyes have seen you?
How many feet have sat on your worn form?
Yet still you stand strong.

There is nostalgia,
I walk past you.
A history only you know,
Yet venerable, you still stand strong.

As I look upon you,
I can feel the hands that carved you so many years ago,
As I paint you,
I can feel the humor and the love that must have emanated from you!

I wish you many more years to stand still fully strong, enhancing your caricature with each passing year!

Price $1975
Shipping available for an additional cost

My Sanctuary
Acrylic on Walnut Panel 30” x 42”

Roses resonate at a frequency much higher than that of man.
Their energy vibrates ever so gently, as their blooms drift effortlessly in the wind.

So profuse and full, so light and airy
They hover over the worn wood canopy with minimal effort.

Beyond this threshold, I know I will find
The waters that will hold me,
The mist that will sooth me,
The time that will guide me back
To my rose, my sanctuary space.

Price $5250

Shipping available for an additional cost

In the Night
Acrylic on Birch Panel 16” x 20”

In the evening I see you,
A shadow in the sky,
Sharing moments with others, you go fluttering by.

To be in this place without pollution of light,
We can observe the Milky Way and the arc of the night.
The cluster of stars appears as a rainbow in the sky,
With your silhouette dancing through it as you drift your way by.

You come and go sharing little goodbyes and hellos as you search the night for your star, a treasure only you know.

Price $650
Shipping available for an additional cost

Through You
Acrylic on Birch Panel 16” x 20”

I can see the world through your eyes,
As you soar in the open sky.

As if I am observing with you
The clarity you see is the same for me.

I can connect with you instinctively,
I know you receive my hellos every time,
By your response to my ethereal actions,
We are connected beyond words.

Your wings have found me,
Of which you left an offering for me to find.
I know it was an answer for me to receive.

We share spirit unlike any other.
Bearing gifts from the Creator, for this I thank you.

Price $750
Shipping available for an additional cost

Oh Wilbur!
Acrylic on Walnut Panel 16” x 16”

It’s this place,
A place I can call home,
Allowing me time to come back to my own.

A space for reflection, restoring and cleansing,
I come here to rest and find solace that is mine to hold.

Price $525
Shipping available for an additional cost

Original on Birch Panel 16” x 20”

I have not met you, but I see your art in the rock.
The sculpture, the color, the connection to each piece

Each one,
Has been touched and placed,
With purpose that is evident without the use of words.
There is an intention in each fragment;
Each receiving individual attention, yet working in agreement with one another in harmony.

Fortitude in placement,
In this sacred place.

Price $825
Shipping available for an additional cost

Wings Wide Open
Acrylic on Panel 12” x 12”

I go out into the world,
Eyes clear and wings spread.

To bring peace to the planet of which
I’ve been bred.

Though confusion may unfold around me,
I stay steadfast and strong,

As a goddess with wings wide open,
I will hear my own song.

Price $375
Shipping available for an additional cost

I Rest
Acrylic on Birch Panel 12” x 12”

I rest in you,
Trusting that you know what is best.

Without concept of time, I allow the healing
To take place, not rushing, not thinking,
Only just being.

Price $375
Shipping available for an additional cost

Fly Where My Wings Take Me
Mixed Media on 12′ x 12″ Birch Panel

Shipping available for an additional cost

On the Pathway to the Unknown
Mixed Media on 12″ x 12″ Birch Panel

Shipping available for an additional cost