Springtime at Wilbur is so special!

April 20, 2018
Plan on visiting us soon if you enjoy wild flowers.We are fully booked this upcoming weekend and have a few rooms left for next weekend only – call now 530-473-2306 Photo credit Jen Maniaci

The Robinson Creek Ponies

April 13, 2018
While visiting Wilbur Hot Springs, you may be surprised to come across some ponies! These ponies are part of a larger herd of feral ponies living in the hills west of Ukiah in Mendocino County. They were originally brought to the area by psychiatrist Waldo Cook as a surprise gift for his family in the mid 1960’s. The original herd consisted of 10 pregnant Shetland ponies. That number grew when Waldo purchased a Welsh stallion. Within 10 years, Waldo sold most of the ponies at auction. Some managed to either escape or were deliberately set free. The herd thrived in the wild and evolved to become hardy ponies known locally as the Robinson Creek Ponies. As their population grew, Ukiah residents developed mixed feelings about them. Some would like to see their numbers reduced and controlled. Others however find them endearing and even helpful in keeping the grass down and reducing the fire hazard in the rugged hills. There are even reports of residents capturing and training these gentle-natured ponies. Occasionally the ponies wander out of their natural habitat and become a hazard along the highway. When herding them back up into the hills doesn’t work, horse rescue organizations are called upon to relocate them. This is what happened in early 2017 when a wayward band of ponies needed a new place to call home. Richard and Jolee Miller generously offered safe sanctuary for them at Wilbur Hot Springs. Although appearing to be quite tame, the ponies here are wild and unhandled. Just like the Mustangs in the West and the Chincoteague Ponies in the East, the Robinson Creek Ponies are well equipped to live in the wild. This herd will not grow larger as the stallions were castrated prior to release but that is the only attention they received from humans. They live wild just like all the other wild animals here at Wilbur Hot Springs. Mother Nature can be kind or cruel but please know the ponies are happiest fending for themselves and living free as they have done for over 50 years. As told by Angie Herman from S.A.F.E.R. Sonoma Action For Equine Rescue

Support World Bathing Day

April 11, 2018
Support Wilbur’s, and other Hot Springs around the world, petition to the United Nations to declare JUNE 22 World Bathing Day. Please click this link and sign the petition. Please SHARE

Make Plans for April’s Guest Chef Weekend

April 10, 2018
Chef Liam McDermott is the next host of Wilbur’s April Guest Chef Weekend – please come and join us for a culinary feast, spring wild flowers, and camping in now also open! The April Guest Chef Weekend runs from April 20 through April 22. Find out more…

The Poppies are Blooming

April 4, 2018
The hillsides at Wilbur are now being graced with the first poppies of the season. Plan a trip to stroll among them yourself!

Camping Season Has Started

April 3, 2018
Camping season has started, and the California poppies are popping – 2 campsites available for this upcoming weekend. See you at Wilbur!

Springtime at Wilbur

March 27, 2018
Spring has sprung at Wilbur Hot Springs and the wildflowers are starting to bloom. The temperature is perfect for enjoying the outdoors and soaking in the hot mineral waters. Wilbur’s 1800 acre nature preserve is beckoning with its gentle slopes and green valleys… Come for a hike and stay for a soak!

20% Off! Come for a Soak!

March 18, 2018
This is a perfect week to come for a soak in the geothermal waters at Wilbur Hot Springs. We offer a 20% discount for overnight stays from Monday – Thursday. See you in the waters!

Upcoming Availability

March 6, 2018
Wilbur is fully booked for upcoming weekend (March 9-11) and only one cabin is left for our March Guest Chef Weekend (March 23-25) Wilbur camping season starts Friday March 30

Soak Away Your Winter Blues

March 2, 2018
This is a perfect time to immerse yourself in the healing hot springs of Wilbur. Let the mineral rich geothermal waters surround you and soak away your winter blues. The waters boast unique antibacterial properties, great for respiratory and skin health. Come and soak away your winter blues! (Photo by  Trinette Reed)