Wilbur’s Commitment During COVID-19

Our community will need to work together to keep Wilbur Hot Springs a safe and healthy environment for Guests and Staff. We are counting on everyone to be compassionate and understanding and to work together to co-create a comfortable and enjoyable refuge. With this attitude, we are creating “Shared Agreements” amongst our community members. In order to book your visit to Wilbur, we will ask you to confirm your commitment.

Wilbur Community Shared Agreement

To protect each other during the pandemic, we–you, our guests and us, staff of Wilbur Hot Springs–will:

Monitor health. Proactively monitor our health and watch for COVID symptoms daily. Stay home (or go home) if we feel ill, have any symptom(s) associated with COVID-19, or if we have had known exposure to COVID-19 within the last 14 days.

Communicate if unwell. Guests will notify Wilbur’s Front Desk Team and Staff will notify Wilbur Management, if any COVID-19 symptoms or exposure occur.

Distance and wear face coverings. Practice safe physical distancing of 6ft or more with anyone not in your immediate household, and wear face coverings while in indoor spaces and while interacting with others.

Practice thorough personal hygiene. Frequently wash your hands (20 seconds with soap and water) and use hand sanitizers before and after touching shared objects or entering shared spaces.

Practice thorough cleaning. Wilbur staff will follow COVID-19 cleaning protocols (disinfecting with increased frequency) throughout the hotel, guest rooms, and common spaces.

Together, we can keep Wilbur open safely. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

For a more detailed explanation of our preparation for your arrival, read more below:

Wilbur’s COVID-19 Protocols  (Updated as of September 23, 2020)

Wilbur team members are going above and beyond our normal protocols, cleaning surfaces with increased frequency, and EPA-approved products for disinfecting. Here is our commitment:

  • Frequently disinfect high-touch surfaces throughout hotel with EPA-approved products for disinfecting.

  • Thoroughly clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces in guest rooms before the next guests check-in.

  • Disinfect shared equipment between uses (dishes, silverware, utensils, tables, chairs).

  • Reduce surface contact by propping open doors when possible, and removing hard-to-clean items.

  • Remove hard-to-sanitize items from guest rooms and common areas such as decorative pillows, bed spreads, etc.

To facilitate Wilbur staff and guests practicing extreme personal hygiene: frequently washing hands (20 seconds with soap and water) and using hand sanitizers before touching shared objects or entering shared spaces:

  • Wilbur will provide a handwashing station at the main entrance of the hotel.

  • Wilbur will provide hand-sanitizing stations throughout the hotel and pool area.

In effort to facilitate physical distancing, Wilbur will:

  • Limit guest capacity (based on state and local guidelines).

  • Allow overnight stays only – No Day Use guests will be allowed during this time.

  • Provide an alternative to using the kitchen – see details below.

  • Provide signs that inform guests of physical distancing guidelines.

  • Set up dining and veranda tables to allow for adequate physical distancing.

Guests and staff will stay home (or go home) if they feel ill, have any symptom(s) associated with COVID-19, or have had known exposure to COVID-19 within the last 14 days

  • Click here for a description of COVID-19 symptoms.

  • Wilbur staff will perform their own daily health screening–monitoring for COVID-19 symptoms–before coming to work.

  • Guests will perform their own health screening, at least three days prior-to arriving, and during their stay.

  • Guests will notify Front Desk Staff immediately if any COVID-19 symptoms or exposure occur. Guests will not be penalized for canceling a reservation (or leaving early) due to illness, COVID-19 symptoms, or COVID-19 exposure.

  • Staff will notify Wilbur Management immediately if any COVID-19 symptoms or exposure occur. Staff will not be penalized for staying or going home due to illness, COVID-19 symptoms, or COVID-19 exposure.

Upcoming August Kitchen Re-opening: 

We know how much our guests Love our community kitchen and how much we love to see our guest cooking up delicious meals while also sharing experiences with others who have found their way to Wilbur, & although we enjoyed the wonderful and delicious meals from our talented guest chefs in July, we are very excited to be opening up the kitchen in August for your use again.In August, we will follow these new shared agreements: 

  • Limit occupancy: 3 couples are welcomed in the kitchen at a time, no more than 6 guests.
  • Masks will be required while in the kitchen, and we ask that you sanitize as you cook. 
  • Keeping each guest in mind we ask that you keep it simple with 30 mins in the kitchen for your meal prep and cook time.
  • Scrape your food off into the compost and place your dishes in the appropriate bin. We’ll do the washing to make sure they’re properly sanitized for all guests.  

Similar to July, dining tables will be spaced for safe physical distancing.

We are very excited to have you in the kitchen for August! Bon Appetit! 

In July we are having a guest chef experience:

  • Guests will not be allowed to cook in the kitchen nor store food or ice in the refrigerators or freezers.
  • Guests will instead participate in a meal plan (delicious and nutritious breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee/tea service) for $44/day.

  • Wilbur will contract professional chefs to prepare and serve your food/drinks.

  • During the meals, guests will bus their own tables, Wilbur team will do the dishes (and sanitize them properly).

  • Dining tables will be spaced for safe physical distancing.

Planning For Your Stay – Adapting to Modifications (Updated September 23, 2020)

Making a reservation:

  • We are taking reservations for overnight stays and day use. Since we are limiting the number of guests, book early to save your spot!
    Book Now
  • Wilbur staff will ask for a commitment to our Shared Community Agreement.
  • Guests will not be penalized for canceling a reservation due to illness, COVID-19 symptoms, or COVID-19 exposure.
  • Changes are being made at Wilbur to reduce contact during check-in. We’ll provide more details once we have our processes worked out.
  • Wilbur recommends people who need to take extra precautions to consider not traveling or visiting Wilbur at this time.

What to Bring:

In addition to bringing items listed on the Plan Your Visit webpage

  • Bring your own face coverings. This way you’ll have something you know you’re comfortable with. Wilbur will also provide cloth face coverings for sale in our store.
  • Be sure to have your own transportation in the event you need to leave the property due to emerging covid symptoms.
  • Bring your own reading material, as we’ll be removing material that’s hard to clean, such as magazines, newspapers.
  • Bring your own games and instruments, we’ll need to remove those as well. The piano isn’t going anywhere, but we’ll need you to please wash / sanitize your hands before and after playing it. We’ll also frequently sanitize it (as carefully as we can).
  • Bring your own hand sanitizers and disinfecting wipes–for your convenience when out on a walk or hike.

Day Use:

  • If you want to bring your own personal snacks and drinks, bring a cooler and enough ice/ice packs to keep your cooler cold. We’re sorry we cannot provide ice for your coolers.
  • 10 available day use spots per day.
  • No hotel access except to check in.
  • No access to the kitchen; bring your own cooler with ice.
  • Restrooms for day use guests located in the pool area only.


  • Face masks are required in the kitchen & hotel.
  • 3 couples in the kitchen at a time or 6 guests total.
  • Sanitize before entering and during your time in the kitchen.
  • Try to limit kitchen time to 30 min or less.
  • Prep, cook then place dishes and cookware in appropriate bins.
  • No indoor dining; meals can be enjoyed outside or on the veranda.


  • 3 people (or 2 couples) in a flume at a time.
  • 6 people in the pool at a time.


  • Temporarily closed due to covid.