Wilbur Event Calendar

April 19 – 21: Guest Chef Weekend with Chef Liam

April 20 – 21: Tai Chi with John Ropp

April 27 – 28: Zen Priest Shundo guided meditation

May 7 – 9: Julia Harrell readings and meditations

May 10 – 12: Guest Chef Weekend with Chef Marion

May 11 – 12: Tai Chi with John Ropp

May 25 – 26: Aynes Guided Meditation

May 25 – 26: Tai Chi with John Ropp

Seasonal Complimentary Yoga

Complimentary yoga classes are occasionally offered on weekdays from April through October. Typically Wilbur offers and morning and afternoon yoga class when a yoga teacher is in-house. The class schedule is set based on weather conditions. All levels welcome. For more information please sign up for our monthly newsletter (here) or inquire about the complimentary yoga schedule when making your reservations.

Exclusive Use and Small Group Events

Wilbur is available for some Exclusive Use events and small groups. Please call or email the front desk at (530) 473-2306 or info@wilburhotsprings.com and let us know details such as the nature of your event and how many people. Thank you!