Children at Wilbur

Over the years, policies regarding children at Wilbur Hot Springs have evolved. These policies have developed in order to ensure the safety and comfort of children as well as the comfort of other adult guests who come to retreat in our peaceful atmosphere. We request your utmost consideration of these policies and ask for your cooperation in following them.

Age: Children must be 13 years old or over to stay at Wilbur Hot Springs. We are unable to accommodate children 12 and under.

Fee: Adult rate applies.

Guidelines for Parents:

Parents are fully responsible for teens while on Wilbur grounds. Teens are welcome to enjoy full use of our facilities with the same privileges as adults. We expect teens to practice modest and respectful behavior in the clothing-optional bathing area and in general, behave in a manner appropriate for a sanctuary. Parents are responsible for any loss of/damage to hotel property caused by teens.

Wilbur management and staff reserve the right to considerately enforce these policies when deemed necessary. The owners and staff of Wilbur are not responsible for the safety of teens while on the premises.  We thank you for your consideration and hope you enjoy your stay at Wilbur.