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John Ropp and his family of 12 are so very grateful for all the support they have received from the Wilbur community – we continue to collect financial support for John and his family – Wilbur has received requests from the community on how they can support the family and they following items would be very welcomed by the Ropp Family.

Here’s a list of items that will help reconstruct the life of our family.
* Pots, pans, skillets (no   Teflon, toxic to parrots).
* parrot (macaw) nail trimmers
* basic tools: hammers,screwdrivers, etc
* Toaster oven,(micro not needed).
* ice chests
* Klean Kanteens & Thermos

* Debris clean-up supplies for 10 people:
* heavy-duty rubber gloves,
* 10 plastic 5gallon buckets,
* Heavy duty trash bags,
* steel-shank boots (protection from nails)
* small screen  sifters
* Shovels

Items for grandchildren(5,7):
* Ballet slippers: sizes 13,& 2
* girl’s ballet clothes

Items for business restarts (5 total)
* Office supplies
* fax machine
* power drill
* Foldable tables(6 feet).
* cleaning supplies (broom, etc.)
* one PC monitor (we got the brain but the monitor is now “well done”)

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