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By James Alborough 8 months ago
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As a society, we are lonelier than ever before. With social media’s false offering of connection, our primal need to gather has fallen to the wayside. Studies have shown that an individual thrives when closely surrounded by others sharing most of life together. Community focused living can contribute more to your life and health than you might realize.

Mental health struggles are on the rise particularly for this reason. When you are spending your days closely connected to others (generally speaking) you have the advantage of getting basic needs met which sends positive signals throughout your brain. This is a major contributor to the lessening of anxiety and depression.

Mixing generations and bridging age gaps through time spent together also has a positive impact on your physical health. Studies have proven that if a grandparent lives near or with their grandchildren, they are expected to live longer!

One of our favorite ways to encourage this connection at Wilbur is around a table. It feels sacred and historic to gather together for nourishment both physically and emotionally. There is a priceless value hidden within slow dinners at a table shared with those you love. Here at Wilbur, we have seen the benefit of strangers breaking bread together and leaving deeply connected as friends. That is why we love our communal kitchen. It feels like getting back to our roots when we hand wash dishes with old and new friends, share what we have with those around us, and bask in the irreplaceable joy of conversation.

Community is a non-negotiable for living wholly. Who is in your tribe?

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